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My first Etsy Sale - Yikes!

My first Etsy Sale - Yikes!

Thursday 6th July 2017

Yesterday I had my first sale on Etsy - a lady in America bought 4 skeins of my hand spun yarn, shown in the photos below. I am so happy that she liked it enough to buy it as I think it's beautiful, but I am so nervous about whether she will like it as much when she actually gets it!

The reason I am so nervous is that to me, every skein I hand spin is quite a personal thing - so much goes into it from blending, carding, spinning, skeining, washing, drying, labelling and marketing that I love them all, but I am obviously biased because they are mine! I also know all the little imperfections, which to me makes a hand spun skein of yarn unique but to others might be 'mistakes'

So, as always, I am hoping I haven't sold my 'unique' yarn to someone who is expecting perfection. I don't know why I always do this to myself as any one who has bought my yarn in the past has loved it, but each time I worry!

Now I know there are many many talented spinners out there who create the most beautiful perfectly smooth, regular yarns (and I am totally in awe of their skills) but my spinning style always ends up slightly different. If I really concentrate I can spin fairly even 4 ply yarn (my Daphne shawl was as close to a 4 ply as I could get) but the odd slub always appears. To me, if you want perfection you should be looking at something that is commercially spun. My ideal hand spun yarn is soft and bouncy and squishy and that is generally what I make.

Hopefully my new customer in America agrees and I can stop worrying......this time!

Happy knitting
Love from Tina xx