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Pigs and Piglets.....

Pigs and Piglets.....

Wednesday 31st January 2018

When I moved to Wales I never realised just how many new friends I would make and how many new experiences I would be a part of.

Yesterday was another new experience on an epic scale (for me anyway!!). I have recently met and become friends with a smallholder who has land that backs on to the farm where I keep the Alpacas. Lorraine recently became mum to four alpacas, and so we have been able to help each other out with handling, worming, advice etc.
Lorraine has also just become mummy to three KuneKune pigs. Now I have not really been a fan of these animals - I sometimes help out my neighbours and feed their Berkshire pigs, but the size of them is a bit scary, so when I first met Lorraine's' three I was happy to stay the other side of the fence.
However, both female pigs gave birth to litters last week (14 piglets in total) and I went to visit them yesterday.....Oh My Goodness!! I have never seen anything so awesomely cute, sweet, pretty, perfect or lovable in my whole life - and both mummy pigs let us in to have a good look and a stroke of the piglets who came out of the arks to wander around our legs and say hello. I really could have sat in the field all day with them.
The three adult pigs were so so friendly and full of character - walking up to us and waiting for a head scratch and a tickle, and I totally fell in love with them, so much so I'm now wondering where I can put a couple here (don't tell my hubby!!)......they were so much like big muddy dogs, not scary at all just wanting some attention and some cuddles - amazing creatures, and I never knew!
Lorraine will be selling hers as soon as they are old enough and I can vouch for their amazing characters and pretty faces. I'm not too sure about the amount of digging they do (they are crossed with JCB's according to Lorraine!) but I'm very sure that I love KuneKune pigs now!

Here are some photos of the piglets and Hugo, the daddy XX