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A quick catch Up

A quick catch Up

Monday 14th May 2018

Well, how time flies in between blog posts - my website is telling me its 108 days since my last blog, it really doesn't feel that long!

What has been happening since I last posted? Well lots and lots really. I've been poorly, my granddaughter has become very poorly (which is what really has distracted me for most of those 108 days), I quit my job in a well known Supermarket to work at home a little bit more, I've worked a little bit helping out in Debs Wool shop in Llandeilo, we have put our beautiful Welsh Farmhouse on the market and are on the move again, I've sold my Alpacas, gained Sheena and Jimmy (2 new goat escape artists), the chickens have had chicks (cutest things ever) and now I have tennis elbow which is limiting a lot of my fibre activities. I'm sure much more has happened but I think that's enough for now - PHEW! I'm exhausted......

I have some good ideas for interesting blogs, but for now I'll just add a few photos and get on with writing some much more interesting stuff :-)

I hope you have all had a great few months, and what about the weather right now?? We are in the office with the door open and the sun streaming in - that doesn't happen much here in Wales!

Hope to catch up with you all sooner that 108 days from now

Tina xx