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Cheesewring wrap

Cheesewring wrap

Monday 11th June 2018

I really should take my own advice.....

Just a quick blog to show you a wrap I have knitted in Manos del Uruguay Alegria, a beautifully soft 4 ply yarn designed for socks but equally lovely used in other projects. Here is my finished wrap (called the Cheesewring Wrap) in the first photo, which was made with the lovely colourway in the second photo called Ceibo, shade A8686. Beautiful.

What you can't see in the photo (because I photographed it from the 'good' side) is the GLARING mistake I made because I did not follow the advice I give to EVERY knitter I speak to and I did not READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST!!

There are short rows in this pattern, and halfway through I was not happy with how the 'wrapped' stitch was showing, and couldn't work out what was going wrong.......until I read to the end of the instructions which told me exactly how to knit up the wrapped stitch so that it doesn't show. AAAARRGGGHHHH. Usually I would have taken the whole thing out and started again, but with so many projects on the go, I decided to carry on regardless and display it as a lesson to all who look at it to (as my Mum used to say) 'do as I say, not as I do'!!

Even with the mistakes, its still pretty though and I will wear it - with the good bit on the outside.....

Oh and the photo of the other skein is just to show you my favourite colour at the moment in this lovely yarn :-) Of course, you can find Manos Alegria in the shop here - you might be able to buy it if I can bear to let it go........!

Speak to you soon

Love from Tina xxxx