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Memories from my old shop days...

Memories from my old shop days...

Sunday 3rd February 2019

This afternoon I have been trying to think of something interesting to write for a new Blog Post and have, as usual got Bloggers Block! So I went through some of my old posts from years ago for inspiration (or, if I'm totally honest for something to copy!). And I found so much stuff that I had forgotten from my time owning a different wool shop, making all those buried memories come back to me.

Firstly I found a photo of the first shop I owned - look how small it was! How did I ever fit everything into it, let alone customers! I think I remember three customers at once made it look pretty full. I loved that shop, it was the beginning of a lot of good times and great memories...

How about the time when we appeared on Countryfile!! What a wonderful day spent behind the scenes for the filming of the summer special - cups of tea and knitting with John Hammond, chatting with Matt Baker (I was a bit starstruck!) and actually being filmed for the tele!! Us, a little shop in the west country actually on the tele! I will never forget that day it was brilliant!

Or the time we yarn bombed Thornbury for the Queens Jubilee and surprised everyone with a whole load of red, white and blue which seemed to appear overnight! That was pretty brilliant too.

I cant miss out when we were asked to knit hanging flower baskets for Thornbury in Bloom - my amazing knitting group and customers rallied round and knitted hundreds of flowers and leaves, and me and my mum spent a whole day wiring them and making 13 hanging baskets that were dotted all around Thornbury High Street - we were in the local papers for that effort, and were so pleased with how many people popped into the shop to comment on them. Good times.

And then Countryfile called us again and set us a challenge to 'knit the presenters'! Of course we rose to the challenge and knitted up a set of tv presenters that rode on the back of sheep in a race on their summer special. Oh the things you can do with two sticks and a bit of wool......!

All this and lots more happened during my time in my first shop. More adventures came my way during our three years in wales - including Alpacas, wayward goats, hatching chickens, pig sitting and wool shop sitting in Llandeilo. More great and happy times.

Now we have moved back to our home stomping grounds and I have opened LoobyLou Yarns, I am hoping that the adventures will continue and in a few years time I can look back on the photos from today and remember all the things that can happen - and DO happen when you are the owner of a little old wool shop!

Knitting certainly has a lot going for it!

Lots of love

PS If you are from Countryfile and are reading this, we are back in business and ready for another wool based challenge....!!