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The January Blues...

The January Blues...

Monday 20th January 2020

We all know January seems a long month - early pay days in December, all the Christmas holidays and many dark, grey, drizzly days means the month can seem to last forever. Here in my yarn shop world, January sometimes feels like it is never going to end...the shop is cold, you come to work and go home in the dark, and apart from a few busy days mostly the shop is quiet with few people spending on things that aren't necessities until payday comes. Some days its hard to make ends meet and I wonder what on earth I am doing this for.

And then a regular customer comes in and buys yarn and pattern to knit a winter jumper and stops to chat for a bit, or another customer brings you some cookies she baked, or your shop neighbour pops her head in to see how you are doing, or hubby appears with a frothy coffee, or 9 people turn up to Knitting group when its pouring with rain outside and somehow being a yarn shop owner in dark old January isn't so bad at all!

January is probably one of the toughest months for us, but I want to thank all of you who still come in even if you're not buying anything - it definitely makes the days go faster!

If you want to help us through January a bit more, please recommend us to other people, leave us a review on Social Media, tag us in your stories, and let people know that we sell on line too and would rather people buy online from us rather than all the big guys out there if you can't make it to the shops!

But above all, keep us alive/sane/awake by keeping on popping in - it really is appreciated :-)

Lots of Love

Tina xxx