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Lockdown but not out....

Lockdown but not out....

Saturday 2nd May 2020

Since the end of March, our physical shops have been closed to the public as per government guidelines during these crazy, strange and frankly quite scary times. We wanted to just check in to ask how you are all doing, and to let you know what is happening with the shops.

So, how are you all doing? Isolation is not easy even for those of us who are lucky enough to not be isolating on our own. So we hope that you are all ok and coping, and we send our love and best wishes to all of you.

Before the shops closed we were super busy with lots of customers buying up plenty of yarn to keep them going during the up coming shut down, and we thought that once we closed the doors that would be it. However, we sat and thought for a while and realised that although we are not an essential service, we could still adhere to all of the safety guidelines and carry on a limited service using the LoobyLou Yarns website. We spent a long time completely updating the website with every product that is sold in the shop, and have carried out a full stocktake so the stock numbers on the website are correct.

For customers local to both of the shops we are offering free delivery. To minimise our contact with the outside world we are only packing up and sending out orders on Tuesdays and Fridays, and are cleaning and sanitising as much as we can prior to packing and delivering. When we deliver to your house we are practising social distancing by leaving your yarn on the doorstep for you to pick up, and parcels for the Post Office are subject to strict cleaning prior to dispatch.

So far we have made lots of deliveries to local customers, and our online presence is growing slowly. Its really not the same as having the shops open though - we miss our face to face close up conversations about yarn, colours, patterns and general chit chat.  Hopefully it wont be too long before some sort of normal returns, but until then we are still here in our lesser capacity and will do all we can to help.

If you are local and would like a free delivery, you can order through the website and use code FDLLY at the checkout. You can also email us if you have any questions or requests.

We want to say a massive thankyou to those of you who have continued to support us throughout this crisis, you really are helping to keep us going. There WILL be a wool shop party when this is over, with lots of thankyou offers for you all.

In the meantime we are continuing to be fully stocked and adding some new summer products such as cottons and cotton blends, so we are ready for the day we can open our doors again.

Thankyou, please stay safe and well

Lots of love
Tina xxx