Fibre for Spinning and Felting

All the fluff you need for spinning and felting!


Mixing super soft Merino with the strength and sheen of Bamboo and a touch of tweed tops for texture creates a rich blend with brilliant spinning qualities. Tweed Blend 33.33% Merino 33.33% Bamboo 33.33%


Malabrigos ultra-soft merino is now available as unspun top, in a great selection of colourways. It is truly a joy to spin, full of fluff and loft and unmatched softness! Of course, you can also knit with the roving itself…


The softness of Merino wool blended with Tussah Silk and Natural Flax fibre to produce an unusual, unique effect especially when dyed. Blend: 50% 23mic 64's Merino 25% Tussah Silk 25% Natural Flax/Linen Top/Roving Length: 4 metres per 100g Top/Roving Width: 1 inch


A selection of merino wools that range from 14.5 microns to 25.5 microns average length of 75-80mm from South Africa (Cape) or South America depending on availability, and is from non-mulsed sheep. This fibre has been superwashed to reduce shrinkage…


Learn how to needle felt using this beautiful British felting wool. Follow the step by step photo instructions and use the felting needles to stab the wool to life. These mini kits are a great way to get started with needle…


Shetland is fine, soft and silky to the touch with a good, bulky down characteristic. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting and many other craft uses. Microns: 29-31mic Fibre Length: 90mm Top/Roving Width: 1 inch (All measurements are approximate) Please Note: Colours may vary slightly…


The best part about these tops is that they are wonderful to dye - the viscose fibre rejects wool dye which means they keep their colour. Can be used for Spinning, Dry and Wet Felting and Dyeing Fibre: 80% South American…


100% Natural wool roving in 10g packs which are ideal for felting.


100% Natural wool roving ideal for felting. Weight may vary in different storage conditions or humidity. Each pack is 50g


Blue Faced Leicester wool is fine and dense with a good lustre and is long. Therefore, it is well suited to combing. The Blue Faced Leicester fleece is highly prized for its likeness to mohair and for its production of…


Made from a blended selection of merino wools from South Africa (Cape) or South America depending on availability and is from non-mulsed sheep. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting and many other craft uses. Microns: 23mic Fibre Length: 75-80mm Top/Roving weight: 100g Top/Roving Width:…


This breed from New Zealand is perfect for Needle Felting 3D sculptures, slippers, bags and hat. Also can be used for wet felting and spinning.