Fibre for Spinning and Felting

All the fluff you need for spinning and felting!


A colourful blend of dyed merino tops producing the aura of the Northern Lights - created by blending together dyed merino tops. Perfected for felting, spinning and many other craft uses. Blend: Scarlet Clementine Jonquil Grass Royal Amethyst Ultra Violet Top/Roving Length: 4 metres per 100g Top/Roving Width: 1 inch (all…


A mesmerising blend of Sari Silk colours, creating a beautifully rich blend ´╗┐Please Note: As Sari Silk is a recycled handmade and handyed product, we suggest only cold water use. Please be aware that colours may run. As Sari Silks are handmade,…


A beautiful winter blend with subtle sparkle. A mixture of Merino with a touch of Nylon makes this fibre perfect for felting, spinning and weaving. A blend of 23mic Dyed Merino Colours & Trilobal Nylon 4 metres per 100g


A selection of mixed spring colours, made from 23mic 64's Merino dyed wool. Each bag contains 10 colours of Merino. (25g per colour). Super for needle felting, wet felting, spinning and many other craft uses. This pack includes: Catkin x 25g Corn x…


The Tutti Frutti range is produced from Corriedale Fleece, 29/30 Micron. Different colours carefully blended and carded together to create unique and individual tones. Perfect for 3D needle felting, wet felting and spinning. Pack Includes: Bubblegum x 25g Bilberry Pie x 25g Parma Violet…


A new Fairytale range, with blended Glitter and Merino. Super sparkly and super pretty, Under The Sea is vibrant and colourful and a joy to use. Sold in 100g lots. Composition: 16.66% Glitter White/Blue 16.66% Merino Crimson 33.33% Merino Turquoise 33.33% Merino Mint


A selection of mixed tops, made up from our 23mic 64's Merino dyed range. Each bag contains 10 colours of Merino. (25g per colour). Super for needle felting, wet felting, spinning and many other craft uses. "Microns: 23mic Fibre Length: 80mm Top/Roving Width:…


A refreshingly bright blend. This superbly soft blend consists of merino and mulberry silk in an incredibly accurate distribution of colours to create the Watermelon effect. 70% Merino 30% Mulberry Silk 4 metres per 100g


These Carded Batts are made from a blend of dyed Scandinavian wools. These hardy breeds produce a stronger, more hard-wearing fibre, making them perfect for textile projects which may require a little more strength. They're perfect for felted bags and…


This is a mix of various wools, blended together to create a budget fibre for stuffing. Also used as core wool in needle felted 3D shapes. This wool been carded to ensure that you get a uniform texture throughout.