West Yorkshire Spinners

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Natural Home Pattern Book

Beautiful Homeware Projects by Jenny Watson

Rosalyn Shawl Pattern

Lace Shawl Pattern

Runswick Shawl (WYS ClourLab DK)

A beautiful open lattice crochet design

Summer Days Cardigan (WYS ColourLab DK)

Relaxed fit and open style

The Croft Shetland Colours Pattern Book

Designs by Sarah Hatton

The Croft Shetland Tweed Pattern Book

A collection of 14 designs by Sarah Hatton

The Florist Collection (WYS Signature 4 Ply)

A stunning collection of designs for the florist yarn

Winwick Mum Seasons Pattern Book

4 hand knitted sock designs

WYS Winwick Mum Sock Designs

4 different sock designs from Winwick Mum

Zig Zag Baby Blanket

A beautiful knitted baby blanket