Fibre for Spinning and Felting

All the fluff you need for spinning and felting!

Baby Alpaca Top 100g

A warm, soft luxury fibre with a natural crimp and soft lustre.

Black Shetland/Extra Bleached Tussah Silk Blend 100g

A natural black rare breed combined with white silk to create a striking effect.

Dyed Merino and Silk Blend Tops 100g

A blend of Merino Wool and white Tussah Silk.

Galaxy Melange Mixed Bag

A Galaxy Melange medley

Glitzy Aubergine 100g

Shimmering Aubergine Merino Glamour....

Glitzy Mixed Bag

The Glitzy Gang!

Hickory Dickory Merino and Bamboo Blend 100g

Gentle tones of Merino and Bamboo blended to create gorgeous wool tops.

Humbug Tops 100g

Natural Blends of wool

Malabrigo Nube

Beautiful pure merino for spinning or felting

Merino/Nylon Superwash Merino Top 100g

Bye Bye Shrinkage.......

Natural Wool Roving 10g

10g packs of colourful roving for needle felting