Super Chunky Yarn

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Big Wool

The ultimate yarn for winter


A soft fur, knitted on 10mm needles
£5.45 Was £6.45

Creative Smile

A beautiful yarn to make you grin from ear to ear....

Creative XXL Superchunky

The biggest ball of yarn you will ever see..
£25.00 Was £34.95


Incredibly soft!

Huggable Super Chunky

Like Flutterby but bigger!

Life Super Chunky

A luxurious but practical super chunky yarn


Great for luxurious quick Knits

Rosarium Mega Chunky

100% Merino

Rustic Mega Chunky

Perfect for quick knitting
£3.00 Was £3.80

Special XL Super Chunky

Taking the classics from the popular Special DK collection, but beefing them up a little

Special XL Super Chunky Tweed

A fabulous tweed effect2,99

Swift Knit Super Chunky

£3.00 Was £4.50